116. Government of the People (1976), Jacques Lipchitz

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Photo Caitlin Martin © 2012 for the Association for Public Art

Voices heard in the program: 

The late JACQUES LIPCHITZ (1891-1973), the sculptor who created Government of the People, and his wife YULLA LIPCHITZ (1911-2003), are heard on archival tape. 

DR. ROBERTA K. TARBELL is an art historian who focuses on American art and modern sculpture. She is Visiting Scholar at the Center for American Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the author of Robert Laurent: American figurative sculpture, 1910 – 1960.

MURIEL KAPLAN is an art collector who met and befriended Yulla Lipchitz in Westchester, NY. Yulla’s correspondence with Muriel describes the difficulties in completing Jacques Lipchitz’s last three sculpture commissions after his death. 

Segment Producer: Brendan Baker