209. Smith Memorial Arch (1897-1912), Various Artists - Part 2

Photo © Association for Public Art
Voices heard in the program:

GREGORY URWIN is a professor of history at Temple University, where he specializes in military history, especially the political, sociological, institutional and cultural aspects of war. He worked on the Oscar-winning Civil War epic, Glory.
COL. KEITH GIBSON is the Executive Director of Museum Programs at the Virginia Military Institute. He is the co-author of Moses Ezekiel: Civil War Soldier, Renowned Sculptor, and has served as an historical consultant for several feature films and documentaries.

LOUIS KESSLER is an archivist at Congregation Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia, one of the oldest surviving synagogues in the United States. 

ANDREW COLDREN is a consultant for the Civil War Museum of Philadelphia. He is also the curator of the Salem County Historical Society in Salem, New Jersey.

Segment Producer: Rick Karr