4. Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs (1964), Nathan Rapoport

Photo James Abbott for the Association for Public Art
Voices heard in the program:

EDWARD "EDDIE" GASTFRIEND is a Holocaust survivor who arrived in Philadelphia shortly after the war. He was Chairman of the committee that commissioned the "Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs."

NINA WOLMARK is sculptor Nathan Rapoport's daughter who lives in Normandy, France. She is also an artist, working in film and animation.

JAMES E. YOUNG is professor and chair of the Department of Judiac and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is the author of "At Memory's Edge: After-images of the Holocaust in Contemporary Art." 

Segment Producer: Amanda Aronczyk

Music on Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs
“Zog nit keyn mol!”
Written by: Hirsh Glick
Performed by: Martha Rock Birnbaum, mezzo soprano
Album: Timeless Jewish Songs (Shirim La’ad)
Courtesy: Leyerle Publications (http://www.leyerlepublications.com)