62. Laurel Hill Cemetery (Founded 1836), Various Artists

Photo Caitlin Martin © 2013 for the Association for Public Art

Voices heard in the program: 

GWEN KAMINSKI is the former Director of Development and Programs at Laurel Hill Cemetery, a National Historic Landmark founded in 1836. 

DR. DAVID HORWITZ is Laurel Hill Cemetery’s longest serving tour guide and a longtime history professor at the Community College of Philadelphia. He will be buried at Laurel Hill, and has already erected his own monument in the cemetery. 

PETER "BILL" DORAN is the Superintendent of Laurel Hill Cemetery. He has worked on the grounds since his immigration from Ireland in 1985, and is an expert on the cemetery’s monuments and landscapes. 

JOHN MADSEN is a retired Navy man whose father is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery. He regularly brings his grandson, Tony, and his dogs to visit the gravesite, and walks for hours marking the gravesites of Veterans with American flags. 

TONY MADSEN is the grandson of John Madsen.

Segment Producer: Bruce Schimmel